New Album Hydrofield 


Eight new instrumental songs in the electronic, post classical/ambient vein. I've tried to make music for a more introspective listening experience that strives to enhance the moments, and gently steer the listener to imaginative places where you're an equal participant, as opposed to me dictating it. Consisting of pieces that have the same essence as ambient, but still maintain strong melodic and harmonic aspects. Mostly piano driven with assorted electronics, fretless bass, cello and violin throughout.…

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New Glamatron re-release 

I remastered both of these albums for the re-release on vinyl and CD. Great fun after so many years. 

I played bass for V.2, which was the Chrome Horizons part of this release.

New Album "Crazy Ivan" Dec 24, 2015 

Share This! Crazy Ivan- Release date Dec 24, 2015

Follow-up to My Fathers' Paintings. Ten new prog-rock songs that further explore tales of soldiers, the sun, the sea and the sand.

Produced ,mixed and mastered by Scott Matthews
Engineered and recorded by Jim Neil at Owlsville Studios
Additional recording at Just Defied Music
All songs copyright 2015 Scott Matthews

Cover Painting:Sea storm and shipwreck (oil on wood)
Dietrich, Christian Wilhelm Ernst (1712-74)

Musicians :
Scott Matthews- bass, vocals, keys

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New instrumental album released today 

Nine new Instrumental tracks, featuring fretted and fretless bass in an electronic setting. 
Using the styles and sounds of old school Euro/Germanic electronic music, I still love and maintain a great affinity for analogue synth sounds and sequenced style prog electronica, with the emphasis still being on strong melody lines and atmospherics. - See more at: