Scott Matthews

Originally from Toronto, now living in Stratford.Ontario.Canada. I'm a composer, bass player and sound engineer. I continue to release albums since I started in the 80's. I write and produce both vocal and instrumental records. Usually playing all the instruments, tackling the engineering and production duties ,as well as singing all the vocals.

Art rock, post classical and 70s/80s electronic from Germany and the UK maintains the strongest influence on all the music. Composing and playing bass is my first love ,and my primary instrument as a player, followed by keyboards and vocals. As my full time career, I'm Head of Sound at the festival theatre at The Stratford Festival in Ontario,Canada.

2020 will include a new album.  Along with some collaborative releases with David Barrett (David Barrett Trio) and Donald Quan (Loreena McKennitt).


"Musician from Toronto, Canada.Scott Matthews released a couple of Synth Pop singles in the 80's, remained always linked to music and played in several small groups.In 2012 he offered a Prog-influenced album, called ''My fathers' paintings'', entirely performed by himself with obvious Steve Hackett and later Camel inspirations.The material is very melodic with also some AOR inspirations due to the vocals and slow-moving themes, but also quite epic and cinematic with several orchestral outlines (including sampled strings) and symphonic piano interludes/preludes.Excellent vocals as well, clean, warm and passionate.Soft Progressive Rock of nice quality, the man still produces his own productions and this work comes warmly recommended." Apps79.