Scott Matthews


Scott Matthews - Composer, Musician

Living and working in Stratford ,Ontario,Canada. In 2017 he released "Hydrofield". Eight instrumental pieces in the Electronic/post classical and ambient genres. In 2015, he released 2 albums: "Static IP". Eigh't instrumental electronic tracks that are strongly grounded in the style of old school Euro/Germanic electronica. All instruments and production was done by Scott. And Crazy Ivan, a full band recording that includes nine x-over prog songs ,similar in style to that of "My Fathers' Paintings", that was released in 2012. An album of 8 songs that Scott wrote and performed all the vocals and instruments.

In 2005 ,he and guitarist David Barrett,(David Barrett trio) released an album ambient tracks entitled "Amitahba". In 2009 they followed it up with an album called "Radium Lustre". 

 In the early 80s, The Toronto born musician was strongly involved in the electronic music scene. Specifically the art rock and experimental music that was breaking ground at that time with artists like Brian Eno ,Kraftwerk and Japan. Scott played in many bands, but eventually felt a need to release solo material that focused on the more experimental and ambient. Deciding to focus on fretless bass as a featured instrument, he released a solo album called "Boats In Rivers", which garnered extensive radio play and video play for the single. Two years later he released "Role Boys". Both singles were nominated for U-know awards and Casby awards in Canada in 1983 and 1986.